For over 2 decades, the OEF has

young men of colortheir parents and guardiansyoung men to achieve their bestprinciples of responsible manhood


Virtual 29th Annual
Youth Leadership Conference
“Navigating A Complex World”

To Be Announced

Building on the success of last year’s virtual YLC, our participation goals are:

  • 1000 young men from all 7 continents

  • 300 mothers & 300 fathers

  • Theme & Topics (coming soon)

This youth conference will focus on pertinent issues facing males, i.e., Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Health & Wellness, Social & Personal responsibility, Family unity, Academic Growth and Development, and Conflict Resolution. This conference continues to provoke our youth to think, achieve and aspire to be leaders. We encourage Mothers and Fathers to stay and participate as well.

Number of young men impacted by the YLC

Number of parents attending YLC

Letter From President Obama To The YLC Team


“You have my warmest greetings as you gather to focus on lifting one another up and reaching for an ever brighter future.

Each of you can play a role in helping our Nation realize the promise of this country. Through your network to widen the scope of possibility for yourselves and those around you, you are helping ensure all people have a chance to add their voices to the American narrative — regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Families and neighborhoods throughout California and across America draw strength and support from the care of committed fathers. As someone whose father wasn’t always around, this issue is personal for me. By coming together to support young men in your community, you are upholding an important duty and making a lasting difference.

I wish you the very best for a meaningful and productive event.”

President Barack Obama

What Parents/Guardians Have Said About The YLC


I loved what I saw. This was the first time in my 41 years and in my son’s 9 years that we have seen approx. 110 strong and educated Black men united to teach our Black boys about college, career opportunities, and how to conduct themselves. I plan on having my son at this conference EVERY year, so that he can be guided and mature into a strong and educated Black man, just like those he saw for the first time today. Thank you and God Bless you all.

– Mother


Thank you and the brotherhood for hosting a wonderful conference. my sons really enjoyed themselves. It was heartening for them and me to see a room full of upstanding black men working to help and build up other young black men…I greatly appreciate it.

– Mother


This conference was very empowering and uplifting for me as well as my son. It has opened me to new ideas to assist my son with achieving an college education. It has opened his eyes as well and he is less resistant to working hard to assist me in achieving this goal. This conference was truly a blessing. I thank God for the men of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and for giving them the vision to plant these seeds to our young men. Many women are forced to have to teach their sons how to be men…but we can teach them all they need to know so it’s a blessing to have men to teach both the mothers and son’s how to achieve academic success.

– Mother


I just wanted to let you, all the Brothers of Tau Tau and all the Omega Brothers that this was indeed the BEST conference I have ever attended! This was my son’s 1st year at the conference and I am so proud of what transpired there today. I was in tears, just to see all the support, time and outreach that was given to those 300 boys today…  My son’s father is not involved in his life and I knew exactly where to go to find him a mentor. I turned to the Omega men and they showed me and my son what they were all about.

– Mother


Ricky Lewis and the rest of the Omega family, we want to thank you so much for taking the time to educate our family this Saturday. This conference has the ability to change generations, one child at a time. Through this conference the Omega family has truly provided an opportunity for children and parents to understand the importance and benefits of a higher education, positive role models, giving back to ones community, embracing ones culture, fellowship and love. The positive images our son was exposed to at your conference is priceless! You have truly planted a seed in my family’s heart and we would not be able to sleep without thanking you.

– Parents