About Us


We want a community where our youth focus on health and wellness, and becoming economically, socially, and politically empowered by the knowledge that they are in control of their future.


To instill the principles of Manhood, critical thinking, and personal and social responsibilities into young African American males and provide them with tools necessary for self respect, health and wellness, community leadership, and conflict resolution.


With our focus being the development and redirection of young African American males, our purpose is multifold:

  • to instill a dynamic comprehension of the Principles on Manhood and how to incorporate these Principles in day-to-day living;
  • to engender the ability to resolve conflict by making rational decisions based on freedom of choice rather than circumstance;
  • to nurture a positive sense of personal and social responsibility focused not only on historic precedence but on future possibility;
  • to provide a strong understanding of the life tools necessary to promote self- respect, health and wellness so as to present a positive role model to others;
  • to enfranchise the spirit of leadership in both personal and community relationships, based on inclusion rather than exclusion; and
  • to promote intellectual enlightenment and scholarship through academic excellence.